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Lifestyle features achieving your dreams in a world of choice.....
Ellen MacArthur
:  Round the world yachtswoman
23 year old British girl takes on yachting world's toughest challenge, The Vendée Globe 2000.  Follow her progress to the start in November
Hampton Court
Life within the Palace 
An insight into living in one of the world's best loved historical palaces
South West Florida:
Homes on the Gulf Coast
A visit to Florida's gentle and sophisticated lifestyle on the west coast
St Lucia:  A special Caribbean island A holiday for everyone. We look at the beautiful Windjammer Landing resort
Independent Education: The Right Choice? Our writer who is a teacher and a mother expresses her of point of view
Lifestyle Properties A look at owning properties with a difference! From Listed Properties to house boats, we take a brief look at some thoughts
Specialist Tea:
The Hurtwood Tea Company  brings a fresh and unique tea to life
Paul Millham talks about his dream of creating a specialist tea and the dedication it has taken to achieve it

top and think for a moment what do we all want to do with our lives?  At first the answer seems lots of different things, but surely its just one thing; to achieve the lifestyle we choose?

When moving home you are in the throes of making a big decision on lifestyle, whether committing yourself to domestic stability or to hard work to pay the bills.  So much revolves around your home, it is likely to be the hub of your daily life!  Make sure that your distance to work is acceptable otherwise you will regularly pay the price of getting it wrong. Family priorities must also be high on the list, like choice of schools, the safety of the environment, local shops, transport and leisure facilities.

From the relationships we value to the ambitions we strive for, lifestyle embraces all of these things, at work, at leisure, at home.  It seems the only great leveller for us all is the limitation of time, money doesn't always come into it, so try to free up as much time as possible during your waking hours.  

Despite all the privileges we now enjoy, "living life to the full" is still easier said than done.  The more freedom we have the more pressures we seem to place upon ourselves, so put time for yourself in the daily diary and take that precious moment to "stop and stare" it's good for you! After all when it comes to the choice of the type of coffee we drink to the holidays we like, our lives are just a question of choice. 

Reflecting back and looking forward is naturally a continuous process, life is just too short to waste time doing something you don't enjoy.   Be brave and make some changes if things aren't going the right way ~ the chances are that it'll be a good move!

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