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Farley Green and Farley Heath ~ Guildford Borough southeast     About 2 miles south of Albury

Location for a home ~ Comment:  Highly Recommended

Watch out warnings:  This area is truly rural Surrey and remote from some everyday facilities

his village, set on high ground to the southeast of Guildford, is typical of those few in truly rural Surrey Hills countryside, but Farley Green remains within easy travelling distance by car to Guildford Town Centre.  This is the obvious combination that makes the area so desirable and therefore so expensive.   

The village green

As with other Surrey villages too, there is a rarity of homes which further increases the upward pressure on prices.   Farley Green perhaps has a character with a greater sense of 'remoteness' than its immediate neighbours.  The village is mostly set on a level position on this hill with the village houses spread mostly along Shophouse Lane which then becomes steep and narrow towards Winterfold Forest.  Incidentally Winterfold Forest became infamous for a moment in recent history when some of the Great Train Robbery proceeds were discovered buried in the woods.   The whole area had been the haunt of smugglers in the distant past, but this was an unexpected find!

St Michael's Church

Properties here are particularly sought after by horse riding enthusiasts and those wishing to explore the glorious countryside on their doorstep in other ways.   The predominantly sandy soil stretches for miles distinctively changing colour from deep orange to snowy white towards Blackheath

The sacrifice of some modern day conveniences can actually add to the charm of this rural way of life bringing fond memories of a bygone age and of a simpler and quieter life...Farley Green is a form of escapism from the 21st Century!  For instance, discover the tiny church of St Michael tucked down a driveway off Shophouse Lane and deep in the forests can you tell which century it is?   Don't always expect good mobile phone signals in the Surrey Hills and cable TV is even less likely than a mains gas supply for some homes..... this is a world of four-wheel drive cars and oil-fired Agas!

Edgeley Caravan Park
has been a landmark of the village for sometime offering a delightful environment for holiday mobile homes on plots within attractive landscaped gardens.

Along the lane leading to Farley Green is one of Surrey's few Roman remains.  This high open heath was the site of the largest Romano-British settlement in Surrey.   The temple was in use some time before the end of the 1st century AD and was destroyed probably by fire before 450 AD.  Martin Tupper the antiquarian and poet who lived in Albury, excavated it and many of his finds are deposited in the British Museum.  The outline of the temple is marked out by stones set in concrete.    The spot probably lay on a branch road from Stane Street to Bagshot.  

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